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Google Play Music is shutting down and here's what you need to know

  • The Google Play Music is shutting down globally, starting from September this year.
  • It’a going to be replaced by YouTube Music.
  • Google is transitioning since YouTube Music is a potential replacement for Spotify and all these huge platforms.

BY Taha

19th August 2020

Google play music shuttinng down - Verzeo

Google is renowned to make changes to their platform. Right from changing the YouTube layout to transforming their entire search engine, Google has done it all.

And while these changes might seem insignificant in the moment, they sure have a great emphasis on the entire platform in the long run.

One of these similar changes include the shutting down of Google Play Music by Google. This is what they said in their official blog:

“Starting in September 2020 in New Zealand and South Africa — and in October for all other global markets — users will no longer be able to stream from or use the Google Play Music app.”

Google has previously shut down platforms like Google+, Google Hangouts, or Google Allo and it’s obvious that these changes are bound to be made when a platform isn’t performing as expected or there’s a better alternative at hand.

Why this step ?

Over the past few years, Google has had a metamorphic change. The entire transition has created this very clear difference as to what platforms would work for them in the future and what platforms don’t work as planned.

Google has become very picky over what platforms they need to focus more on. The ones that really don’t have a lot of scope are either transitioned or totally removed.

With the availability and diversification of the internet over the course of last few years, we have seen a significant rise or decline in the popularity and effectiveness of similar platforms.

Similarly with Google Play Music, while music was the main attraction, it still had heavy competitors like Spotify and Apple Music. With artists focusing more on getting their music out on Spotify and Apple, Google Play Music slowly began vanishing.

What next ?

Even though Google Play Music is going away, it’s going to be replaced by YouTube Music, a new music streaming platform provided by Google. YouTube Music was launched in 2015, which essentially took a few years to build the hype and features around us.

Now as the platform is complete, stable and actually offers cross-device streaming, it makes no sense to keep the old music platform alive and well. Thus, Google decided to shut down Google Play Music for good.

Google is transitioning since YouTube Music is a potential replacement for Spotify and all these huge platforms. The premium plans are even better. For the existing users of Google Play Music, they can transfer every single song and playlist from their library to the new YouTube Music.

Transfer files from google play music to youtube music

This includes:

  • Artists
  • Albums
  • Songs
  • Libraries
  • Purchased content
  • Uploads

This content is as simple as opening the YouTube music app and signing in with the same Google account as the Google Play Music account.

Google promised that it would hand out plenty of notice prior to shutting down the Play Music app, so if you are receiving emails from Google about the same, that’s just Google informing you.

You can still use Google Play Music for a while, until it shuts down. If you buy any new Android device with Android 10, you are going to have the YouTube Music installed by default instead of the Google Play Music which is obvious at this point.

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