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Maharashtra Government ties up with Google to enable remote-learning.

Maharashtra government has tied up with Google to enable remote learning for students during this pandemic. G-suite tool to be used to enable this initiative.

BY Benjamin

12th August 2020

Google ties up with maharashtra government -Verzeo

In line with the policy for universal education, the government of Maharashtra has tied up with Google and has adopted its G-suite tools to enable Remote-Learning. According to government officials, it is set to affect upwards of 2.3 crore students as well as teachers across Maharashtra.

Under the G-suite palate applications like Google Classroom, Google Meet, etc will be used to blend with the learning programmes to make it more accessible and also combine the classroom approach with learning online. This collaboration makes Maharashtra the first state in the country to launch G-suite for Education for students engaged in online learning, amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the tie-up, the state government will provide educators and students with individual G-suite IDs. This will ensure enhanced as well as the continuity of learning to various students in private as well as government schools and also improve the delivery of education by teachers.

Google india tweet on partnership with maharashtra government -Verzeo

Google India VP and country head Mr. Sanjay Gupta said that since the outbreak of Coronavirus over 320 million children have been affected by school closures which have severely impacted the quality of education.

He also added that this collaboration with the government will build upon Google’s commitment to creating useful tools that make information accessible over the internet so that students and teachers can continue to benefit from it.

Google for education helps teachers to provide exceptional educational experiences which help in enabling students to learn better whilst nurturing their individual needs.

The solution designed is easy to use, flexible and scalable.

Going back to the sixth Google for India event, Google announced that by the end of 2020, 1 million teachers will have access to blended learning across 22000 schools across India.

This move by the Maharashtra government will help other proactive state governments follow pursuit. It also will further push the central government to set up and encourage such measures to be undertaken across the country to improve the quality of education and ensure a stable educational environment in the country.