PM Modi inaugurates ofc connecting Chennai and Port Blair


Sh. Narendra Modi, the Honorable Prime Minister of India, inaugurated the Submarine Optical Fibre Cable project connecting Chennai and Port Blair on 10th August 2020. The submarine optical fiber cable connecting these points will ensure that the local economy receives a boost with Fast telecom services with reliable and high-speed broadband connectivity.

BY Kaushik

13th August 2020

PM modi inaugurates submarine ofc connecting chennai and port blair through video conferencing - Verzeo

The project that began two years ago is set to boost tourism and lay the foundation for higher employment within the region all of this to facilitate ease of living according to Mr. Modi.

This recent inauguration also states that the high impact projects are currently expanded in 12 of the islands in Andaman and Nicobar which will resolve the huge connectivity problem that people face in these areas. With this project, the PM believes the region to grow stronger and make a mark on World Tourism as anticipated for the future.

Approximately 2300 km of the submarine of cable and the project was finished ahead of the schedule which was lauded by the PM.

This also means that the Blue Economy is on a major rise with fisheries, sea-weed farming, and other industries in Andaman Nicobar backed by modern technical development that improves connectivity to ease businesses in the area.

Additionally, the capacity to simultaneously handle 1200 passengers at the Port Blair airport is also expected to be ready in a few months.

The PM stated that since India is following the new Policies and Practices of Trade as well as the cooperation in the Indo- Pacific, the significance of India’s islands which includes the Andaman and Nicobar has risen exponentially.

This landmark achievement paves way for a bright future for India’s portion in the Maritime Trade once the ports in those regions are developed and big ships and container vessels would be able to dock increasing the prospects of the island community becoming a hub of trade activity for the nation.

These communications combined with expected projects and their positives show a bright future for India powered by Tourism and Employment and opens doors for more opportunities for youth to boost technology and Productivity in the region.