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Machine Learning internship opportunity

Machine Learning courses have gained a lot of popularity with the introduction of all the new Technology in the Market…


29th July 2020

Internship program in machine learning -Verzeo

opening a door of possibilities to a lot of new Students and Machine Learning Interns. Talking about the same, there are a lot of opportunities available when it comes to finding careers in Machine Learning. Students usually find it worthwhile to opt for Machine Learning Internship when they desire a better as well as a well-paid job. Internships in Machine Learning make it sure to give you a good experience about the field and introduces you to the environment where you are supposed to work in the future.

If you are interested in courses or internship programs on Machine Learning, we might have something of interest to you. Students looking for internship opportunities in Machine learning can refer to this post as we have decoded the right internship opportunity in ml in India for you. We have also tried to answer some of your other questions related to internships in other fields such as IoT, computer science etc.

Machine learning opportunities in India

Machine learning is one of the fastest-growing fields in the modern era and it opens a ton of new internship opportunities for students looking to pursue a career in this field. Even if you are not in this field you surely want to get yourself associated with it.

Machine learning has been an IT trend for quite some time now and there is a great demand for skilled professionals not only in India but also in the entire world. As per reports the global Machine learning market which was initially valued at $1.58B in 2017, is expected to reach $20.83B by 2024. Apart from that ml engineers also get paid well. The median salary of a machine learning engineer is $111k as of June 2020.

As there are very few good machine learning internship opportunities out there it becomes important to select and go with the right one. Because you don’t want to get your time wasted on the wrong one.

To deal with this problem I suggest you should go with Verzeo’s Machine learning internship program. It is a unique opportunity for students to learn machine learning as well as gain industry experience at the same time.

This machine learning program is as a 2 months program where you will be taught the basics of ml during the first month. During the 2nd month, you will be doing practical work under the supervision of industry experts from Microsoft. You can check out further details about the internship here.

Now, as promised i will be answering some of the other related questions to internships below.

Machine learning internship program/course - Verzeo

Other question related to internships

Companies in India offer an Internship in IoT?

There are a lot of companies in India who offer Internships in Courses such as IoT and Machine Learning. Here are some of the most renowned and worthwhile Internship Institutes in India:

  1. Internshala
  2. Verzeo
  3. Twenty19
  4. Edureka
  5. Letsintern
  6. HelloIntern
Machine learning internship opportunities -Verzeo

How to Get a Summer Internship in India

Getting a Summer Internship in 2019 has a full procedure and this procedure varies from Company to Company. Different companies have different policies for hiring. Let us brief you with some information about the same:

Tier 1 Companies like Google and Microsoft either allow Interns through Campus Selection or Employee Referral.

Tier 2 Companies like Adobe and Oracle get Interns through Campus Drives.

Tier 3 companies like Infosys allow applicants on their experience, yet the Internship doesn’t pay or value the Interns much.

Should I do a Summer Internship or a Summer Training?

Summer Training Programs are the best option when it comes to utilizing your holidays for something productive. These Programs make the Students ready for Industrial Work and include Theoretical as well as Practical Sessions for the complete training of the particular skill.

Meanwhile, the Internships also include Working on Real Life Projects and your Current Knowledge should be converted into actions. There would be a full-time

Employment for 2 months for you which would give you a full overview of what you are expected to do in your workplace in the future.

You can’t figure out the best one of these Companies all of a sudden. All of them have their Features and Reasons to opt for. Just pick a more relevant Company, that’s all.

What are the Internships for CSE 2nd year Students?

As a CSE 2nd year Student, you might not have a lot of opportunities available really, but you can try going for Freelancing or other Mini Projects to gain Experience in such fields. This builds up your experience level as a whole and makes you prepared for different opportunities coming your way in the future.

If you still want to gain more Knowledge about any course we recommend going to Verzeo and picking any of the Certification Courses. You would gain Experience and explore your course to a larger extent.

How to get Computer Science Internships?

Without going a lot into detail, let us answer this question generally. If you want a Computer Science Internship, here are some of the measures you need to take:

1. Apply for the Internships - The first thing, of course, includes you applying for the position. You need to pick any of the Companies you are interested in and apply for the position by filling out an application form or some other procedure.

2. Appear for the Interview - Some Companies hire you through an Interview, and some like to do multiple. There are different rounds that you need to clear.

3. Wait to hear back from the Company.

4. Hired? Whoo! - Well, if everything goes well, you can get a final call from the Company that you have got the Internships. That’s great! You can easily join now.

Some websites you can check out for internship opportunities

There are a lot of amazing Internship Websites available in India which bridge the gap between an Internship Company and a Student. Here are some of them:

  1. Internshala
  2. Verzeo
  3. Twenty19
  4. Edureka
  5. Letsintern
  6. HelloIntern

I am sure I have answered all the relevant questions related to internships and also you might have got to know about the various internship opportunities in machine learning.

If you are looking for internships you can explore other internship opportunities with verzeo.

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