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Why Delhi should be your next stop to boost up your Marketing Skills?

Delhi, the National Capital as well as the Heart of India has continued to be the in the top…


26 MARCH 2019


Delhi, the national capital as well as the heart of India has continued to be in the top list of Trade and Economy. The Second most urban populous city/union territory is the residence of more than 11 million people. This city is decked with more than 25 reputed Universities and is leading in the field of Education as well as development at a terrific place.

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Every Student dreams of landing with an amazing Job which would pay them a handsome amount of money after his/her graduation. Delhi is doubtlessly the economic hub of North-India offering Education, Job, and trade business to Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and Kashmir as well as other neighboring regions. All of the above Statistics makes Delhi the perfect fit if you’re planning to indulge in the world of Marketing.

Marketing works on different M’s – Mission, Money, Message, Media, and Measurement. Initially, you should be clear what your main aim for Marketing is and what you wish to achieve. Secondly, you can set your budget of what amount you wish to invest for the same. Once you are ready with the two of them you can come up with the story/message in the most effective media format which would reach your target audience. In the end, you can measure what outcomes these Marketing strategies have given. But for all of the above, the whole crust lies in the implementation.

Reading/writing Marketing strategies are a lot more different than actually implementing them and obtaining the desired results. A Short-Internship in Marketing will eliminate these differences. Delhi has a wide scope of working in the fields of Information Technology, Telecommunications, Hotels, Banking, Media, and Tourism. Several reputed firms are offering paid Internships in various sectors. Statistics prove them as the unemployment rate has observed a decrease of 12.57% in recent years. So, if you’re aware of that saying, Delhi Abhi door hai, (Your destination is yet far to arrive), it isn’t for you if you are willing to plan your Marketing career there.


Marketing isn’t limited to any specific domain or city. India is developing at a lightning speed and the youth of our Country has options all around. The main question lies which career would be the best suit according to their specific requirements. If you would ask google, it would provide a list in 0.3 or 0.6 seconds, but your whole future lies in just one click, so you need to plan with utmost care and attention. Every company would ask the questions based on M’s of Marketing discussed above before hiring you, and you can answer them best based on your Internship experience.

Marketing Internship in Delhi

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