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Business Development Associate

We are Looking for an expert who can assist in managing key relationships with our company and develop new business in the financial inclusion sector.

Business Development Intern

Looking for an aspirant who can manage the organizational sales with the help of a business plan that covers sales, revenue, and control expenses along with meeting the daily targets.

Business Development Executive

We are looking for a candidate that can develop strategic relationships with partners or potential customers and work with marketing, sales, and product development.

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A great team

Experience professionalism throughout the time period you are a part of our organization. Rub shoulders with former executives from top class institutes and organizations.


Explore a variety of career opportunities in your field and nitpick the best ones.


We encourage your skills and knowledge. Our community believes in giving you the freedom to make your own decisions. And if that doesn’t suffice your concerns, we have experts that can help you in decision-making.


We have former executives and experts to help you pick between options and clear any conflicting ideas you have. Our community believes in assisting you throughout the journey.

Why Choose Us

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Take a look at the exciting collection of our alumni pictures and witness the experiences and achievements we have had together.

Perks and Benefits

Enroll for our career counselling path and unlock some of the most exclusive perks and benefits as you set your course to entangle yourself with India’s leading e-Learning institutes.


At Verzeo, our approach involves inspiring your minds to work for yourself. We believe that a person that is driven by self motivation makes everything around him better as well.

Expert Mentors

Our organization includes some of the most skilled mentors with experience of working with top–notch organizations like IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Verzeo Community

Become a part of Verzeo community and find yourself surrounded by similar independent minds and an intimate team experience never seen before.

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