Thrillophilia's and its Story

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Making life an adventure worth living

An entrepreneur doesn’t become successful in the blink of an eye. To become successful, an entrepreneur requires an idea, one which will set them apart. That is only the beginning. An idea can strike anyone but what comes after this idea is what makes or breaks the business. Passion is the first and foremost essential. It is followed by grit and a strong work ethic. Open-mindedness and the ability to bounce back from failure are other important qualities. An entrepreneur must always be ready to learn from their mistakes.

These are the qualities the founders at Thrillophilia possess. Chitra Gurnani Daga, CEO of Thrillophilia has an MBA in her name from ISB, Hyderabad. Chitra co-founded the company with her husband, Abhishek Daga. Thrillophilia began its operations in April 2009 while it had its official website launched later that year in August. Thrillophilia is a company that started and is based in Bangalore.

Thrillophilia deals with adventure-related activities on a pan-India level. Be it rafting in the Tons of the Kali River at Dandeli, Camel Safari in Ladakh or the Thar Desert, Trekking around Bangalore or in Ladakh, Scuba Diving in Lakshadweep or Andaman, Thrillophilia caters it all. It also offers caving, wildlife, paragliding and umpteenth other activities that get one’s adrenaline rushing. India has a varied and rich culture. It also has a variety of landscapes that provides great locations for fun-filled activities, leaving one with unique and memorable experiences. Thrillophilia curates local suppliers and ensures their legitimacy and runs regular quality checks.

The idea of Thrillophilia was born out of the love the husband-wife duo has for adventure and thrill. They decided to organize and assemble all the adventure sports-related activities using the internet, thus tapping into a lucrative and promising industry. By meticulously placing and categorizing the miscellaneous activities India has to offer, they created Thrillophilia.

The founders at Thrillophilia admit to having made mistakes. They handpick their vendors, once they have fulfilled certain criteria. But on some unfortunate occasions, these vendors might be unable to cater to the audience and fail to contact Thrillophilia. At such times, a backup plan must always be ready. Thrillophilia learned from its mistakes in this field and has bounced back stupendously. An entrepreneur needs to do so as there will be several hurdles on the road to success.

India is abundant with young, nature and adventure enthusiasts. Thrillophilia has managed to capture their attention and continues to evolve every day.