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Classes at a halt, BMC lays out Rs 38-cr plan for digital classrooms

With the uncertainty of when the schools will reopen for the students, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has taken up a project to digitalize classrooms replacing the traditional blackboards with interactive digital boards in the civic schools of the city of Mumbai.

BY Ayushi

14th August 2020

BMC lays out Rs 38-cr plan for digital 
                    classrooms - Verzeo

The BMC is focusing on interactive education for its 2.85+ students in 1133+ schools.

This 38 cr rupees plan will cover 1300 classrooms with digital boards that would be preloaded with the software which would contain the syllabus ( Maharashtra state board) on all the subjects of all classes from 1 to Xth. This will include various audio and video visuals, Powerpoint Presentation slides, games, and quizzes to keep it interactive.

“The BMC now intends to create digital classrooms in all the municipal schools to impart education online. The digital classrooms have interactive panels which will be preloaded with contents of Maharashtra State Board’s syllabus on all subjects from class I to class X digitally along with audio and video visuals and presentations, etc,” said the BMC office.

They have also further provided the specifications on the smart boards including intel 3 ( Fifth gen or better) powered device, 50 GB memory, etc.

Concerning the cost, BMC Joint Commissioner Ashutosh Salil said: “The cost estimates for the tender were arrived at after evaluating listings and rates quoted by vendors on the Union government GeM portal (government e-marketplace)”.

The contractor which would be shortlisted will have six months to complete the installation from the time the contract is awarded as well as undertake training sessions for teachers every three months as mentioned in the tender.

The officials informed that according to the multiple specifications, the estimated cost for each smart board is expected to be around Rs 2.83 lakh which would lead to a total expenditure of 38 crores, this overall expenditure also includes the cost of preloading of e-learning and other content on these devices costing 3.22 crores and the rest is for external electrical fittings.

This move is highly welcomed by the country as the world is moving towards digitization. The e-learning path has ensured a brighter future for the students enabling them to be prepared for the future.

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