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India - The new battleground for cloud computing companies

Last week, Bharti Airtel entered into a partnership with Amazon Web Services to bring cloud computing solutions to businesses. This comes a year after Reliance Jio entered a similar agreement with Microsoft to provide its clients with cloud computing solutions by Microsoft Azure.

BY Param

17th August 2020

Is india the new battlegroung for cloud computing companies - Verzeo

Each of the two Global leaders were already present in the Indian market and have now joined hands with local telecom giants making India the latest battleground for the two American behemoths. The market at stake (India) is projected to grow and be worth US$8 billion by 2023.

Microsoft, having entered very late into the game of cloud computing are now taking some interesting initiatives in their strategies regarding investments in India. Aside from teaming up Reliance Jio, they have also been picking up stakes in firms like Flipkart, etc.

SMEs and bigger corporations are becoming more and more collaborative as cloud computing is providing services like email servers and data warehousing which lead to the onset of a Digital Economy.

This is proving to be a masterstroke in a situation like this in which work from home is actively being pursued by everyone while requiring better connectivity and greater digital storage space. The whole cloud computing industry is said to grow by 7% in the coming year.

India is the 3rd fastest growing country in the industry. Latest projections indicate that India is all set to grow at a rate of 26%  which is more than global projections of 17%. It is reported that in the month of June, where COVID was at its peak, Amazon scaled growth by 29% while Microsoft saw a 17% growth.

Microsoft is aggressive in its policies regarding expansion in India. In February 2017, they signed a deal with E-Commerce giants, Flipkart who transitioned from AWS to Azure. In two months’ time, Amazon invested US$200 million into Flipkart. Microsoft is also in talks with prominent cab-ferrying company Ola for similar deals but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.


The biggest and most important deal made by Amazon was with Reliance Jio where jio is going to set up data centers all around the country and Microsoft is going to use Azure to support Jio. This is in a bid to provide affordable access to cloud services to Indian Businesses.

Microsoft has been left to contend with second place in the past years. Be it mobile phones to Apple or the Internet Search Engine market where Google has grown leaps and bounds. Its aggressive perusal of Cloud computing in India is understandable.

This bidding war could start an interesting phase in the quest of the two to set their investment and development footprint in the second-most populous nation in the world. As for Indian customers and people with the technical know-how it sure does sound a fight worth witnessing.

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