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Israel shares AI-based technology with India for dealing with COVID 19

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi has received usable equivalents of new technology to help combat COVID-19 from Israel in a show of international cooperation among countries during these troubled times.

BY Param

16th August 2020

Israel India partnership for covid-19 -Verzeo

The Ambassador of Israel to India, Dr. Ron Malka handed over the high-level equipment and technology solutions to the Director of the famed hospital. 

The technology handed over includes an autonomous voice-operated robot which will make monitoring patients easier and safer.

It also includes a product that allows the nurses and other support staff to monitor a patient’s vitals while remaining contactless.

A 12-hour disinfectant called CPD has also been sent along with all the other technology. This is a disinfectant that keeps surfaces safe from infection for up to 12 hours.

Finally, there is also a remote patient sensing system that helps in screening patients for issues in respiratory function. There is also software that uses AI to aid in ultrasound scanning.

This cooperation between the two countries leads to better relations during hard times like these. The trading of technology to better lives is what we should all strive towards. The data gathered from these trials will help in improving existing technology and in saving lives in the future as well.